How do you bet on football?

The most basic way to bet on football is a direct bet on the point spread. When placing a direct bet, the team that the player bets on must cover the point spread. This means that the favorite team must win by a stipulated number of points or the least favorite will receive that number of points. Betting on the money line is simply choosing who will win the game.

The odds are associated with each team, depending on their probability of winning. The bigger the favorite, the lower the odds and the payout. The bigger the underdog, the greater the odds and the payout, if they find a way to win. While less popular than betting on the spread, the NFL money line is the easiest football bet to understand.

When betting the money line, you simply choose the team that will win the game. Dallas Cowboys (Road) vs New York Giants (Home) — Total at 48.5 As a bettor, you must select whether the final score of the game will be HIGHER than 48.5 points or LESS than 48.5 points. So, if the game ended 27-20 for Dallas, that would add up to 47 points, meaning the game was BELOW the closing total. Most bets in any sport are usually based on the final result of a particular competition.

However, for sports such as the NFL and the NBA, lines for the first quarter and the first half are also offered. The quarter margin is used to determine who will be the winner at the end of the first quarter. The same applies to a line from the first half, only that the bet ends when the first two quarters are completed. In general, the spread of the first half will be close to half of the overall spread of the match.

The money line bet is simple and straightforward. You choose which side you think will win. The odds are negative for favorites and positive for non-favorites. Larger numbers indicate a bigger favorite or a larger favorite in the matchup.

Money line betting is the simplest method of betting on NFL football. Money lines are most often shown in US odds (hundreds) and reflect each team's implied probability of winning the match. At the bookmaker, each team is usually assigned an odds designation (or vig) of “-110” for the spread, as this aims to even out the matchup and level the playing field for bettors, while providing a profit for the bookmaker. While there is a lot to be said about the face-to-face experience at retail bookmakers, users have made it known that the flexibility of betting when and where they want is a big draw.

These types of markets are intended for the most experienced bettors in the NFL and are not recommended for a bettor who places their first bet. Some of the above suggestions are likely to be more important than others, but you should review them at least once before placing your bet. Prop stakes are huge here in the U.S. But offshore sites blur the lines about what is acceptable with offers that may include bets that are not related to the playing field, such as weather or an entertainment aspect of the game.

In any prop bet, the bookmaker will show your options very clearly and will include the odds of betting on each of them. Teasers often start with 6 points and can go up to 15 points depending on the online sports betting site, but the most common varieties are selecting two or three teams and provoking nfl lines by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. NFL teaser bets allow you to move a spread or score a certain number of points, but, like a parlay, they require two or more bets to be tied. Bettors must determine before the game starts if they think the Saints will win by more than seven points or if the Falcons will win or keep the game within seven points.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the NFL accessories available to bettors and it gets into overdrive for the Super Bowl. Fans can currently place bets on their favorite NFL teams in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania if the Cardinals, Eagles or Steelers are their cup of tea. The odds will generally be the same for betting both above and below, and the total set by the bookmaker may change throughout the week. The most important external factor in NFL football betting is the weather and how it could affect your betting.

Since the NFL attracts so much betting action, the odds of the games change continuously after the initial launch until the start of the match. Just like in a parlay, you'll need all your bets to be successful in order to win your ticket; however, you can adjust the preset point spread or sportsbook total lines to reduce your risk level. Check out the 9 simple strategies NFL bettors need to know before jumping into action and always bet responsibly. .